The Canadian Rental Association Insurance Program

At Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions, we believe that understanding industry needs is essential to providing insurance solutions that businesses can trust. In partnership with the Canadian Rental Association (CRA) we have developed the CRA Insurance Program, which provides commercial insurance and employee benefits programs that are specific to CRA members.


Employee Benefits       Commercial Insurance


Group Insurance Advantage

The CRA Insurance Program operates under a “Protected Self-Insurance”(PSI) structure, which enables participating clients to acquire a sense of ownership of their insurance program. Under the PSI structure a portion of premiums are allocated to a “Protected Self-Insurance” fund.

This fund allows the unique opportunity for premium to be returned to members when surpluses are built as a result of years with low claims. Under a traditional insurance program, these funds would be retained by insurers as underwriting profit. One of our key goals as your program manager is to provide resources to support loss prevention, which ultimately reduce insurance costs through rate reduction or premium returns.

CRA Program Advantages

Immediate premium savings for eligible members

Industry specific coverage

Our rental industry experts have created insurance solutions that are specific to your needs, giving you the coverage options that can be tailored for your business.


Our knowledgeable in-house professionals offer efficient, responsive and comprehensive support to your business, saving you time and money.

Long-term rate stability

Our innovative group insurance programs provide clients with greater buying power, enhanced rate stability and lower costs.

Why the CRA Insurance Program?

The CRA Insurance Program works with your business to provide an insurance program that not only provides superior coverage but also manages your risk. Our program offers complete in-house services, including specialized claims and risk management. This innovative approach provides efficient and responsive service, that saves you both money and time.

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